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The Daily Backlog | Day 20

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A day in the life of a controller

Good morning all, it’s Monday! Yeah, I know, I was just pretending to be excited to make you all feel better. But, think of it this way, you still have five days until the weekend!! What? That didn’t make it any better. Ok, I’ll move on. It is a holiday today though so no work!

So yesterday was all about making my wife’s Monster Hunter: World experience a little better. You see, at some point in the past, my toddler thought it would be a great idea to spill some sort of sticky substance all over my wife’s beautiful custom Xbox One controller. It’s fancy, yellow, pink, green and blue and even has her gamertag emblazoned on its face plate! And now it was filled with the dried sticky goo of frustration.

And needless to say it has been a point of contempt while playing our favorite game of the moment. I love my wife, but the thought of opening another Xbox One controller made me hesitate. I’ve done it in the past and it has always been a nightmare. I appreciate the amount of over design that Microsoft put into these fantastic controllers but trying to repair or clean one drives me up the wall.

There are approximately fifteen billion pieces that are all screwed together in a Gordian’s Knot of plastic, wires and pcbs. Like I said, I love my wife, so despite that I opened this thing up against my better judgement.

And actually it wasn’t that bad. You see, the last time I opened one of these things up, it was before their redesign. And thank the lord of Microsoft electronics, this redesign made taking it apart and getting to the innermost innards much much easier. So within an hour, maybe a little more, the controller was back together and probably cleaner than it was when it was shipped to me. Probably not, but I associate the smell of 91% isopropyl alcohol with clean and sterile.

Now my wife is happy and we can finally try and get interrupted by that Deviljho butt head while trying to fight a pack of Rathalos in peace. Moral of the story, don’t spill sticky substances on your console input devices. That and clean them occasionally, they’re disgusting.

Fairy Mechs are the best Anime

So after completing ClayFighter there was a bit of a hole in my soul. The last few days have been all about trying to beat that thing. And once it was gone, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know why since I still had two other games I need to play, but it was there nonetheless.

The hole filled up pretty quick because I remembered that I could be playing my fairy filled JRPG in handheld mode on the Switch. Did I mention that’s becoming the best way to play JRPGs?? You read it on the internet so it must be true!

And I put a good deal of time into it too! More time than I put into Monster Hunter yesterday, which is saying something. The more and more I play Fairy Fencer F, the more it’s growing on me. I’m starting to get to the point where I’m  meeting all the interesting and weird characters I was really looking forward to seeing. There’s the busty “fairyologist” named Harley that likes to (attempt to) shed clothing in public when it gets too warm and her bulky man fairy Bahus that cooks for everyone. And the latest edition Galdo and his “helicopter mom” fairy Marissa. And I’m not sure if this Galdo guy is a Southern yokel, Eastern Canadian or just a meathead, but his dialog is hilarious if not a bit grating.

But that’s what JRPGs are all about, at least in my opinion. Meeting weird and fun characters and following them on their over-the-top anime adventures. Trying to beat some unknown threat to the world and unraveling a nonsensical story. I love it! The gameplay has pretty much stayed the same with your typical JRPG grind and explore, but I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Twenty Days has my Backlog

Welp my friends that’ll do it for today!! I’m hoping to get a whole bunch more Fairy Fencer F in and of course Monster Hunter. Though I think my brother may be stopping by this evening to play some meaty board games so maybe I’ll be talking about that in the morn.

Until then backloggers, have a great Monday and if you need to call off “sick” tomorrow, I won’t tell anyone.

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Total Completed Games: 3…the number of years to complete Monster Hunter

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