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The Daily Backlog | Day 23

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Podcasts be Back!

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone!

So yesterday I was finally able to record the January episode for The Backlog Odyssey Podcast! I originally had it planned for Friday last week, but through extraneous circumstances and the whole website crashing it took me until now to finally be able to do it!

And I gotta say, with each episode I record the more and more I’m enjoying putting it all together. For some reason though, I always get nervous or anxious before I actually sit down and record. I mean, it’s just me sitting in front of my computer and recording my voice by myself, but for whatever reason it feels like I’m in front of class reciting a speech again!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to the podcast this month as well. I greatly appreciate your support and I absolutely love hearing all of your stories. It’s seriously my favorite part of doing it!

Now that the January podcast has been recorded it’s time to start editing! Hopefully it should be completed in the next couple of days and you’ll see it miraculously appear in your podcast feeds soon! So be sure to sub to the pod if you haven’t already. You can find all the details at the end of this post!

It’s also time to start thinking about what the next topic will be and what games I’ll be playing for the March podcast so expect to see some polls and such in the next few weeks!

Backlog Merch

That’s not the only thing I finally got to yesterday. Well, it’s more like it finally got to me. And that’s my first ever piece of The Backlog Odyssey merch in the form of a super high quality snapback Backlog Odyssey hat!

I’ve been wanting to try and make a hat or maybe even a t-shirt for the blog for a while now and it’s super cool to finally have one in my hands! The only real downside was how freakin’ long this thing took to get here.

As a birthday present my wife wanted to surprise me with a custom hat from CapBeast. So she sent them in the logo for the site and submitted her order in early August. And that was two months before my birthday! Now five months later here it is!

Like I said, this thing is super high quality and they did a great job of the embroidery, but man, that turn around time is a bit horrendous. That and it cost a pretty penny. I’m thinking if I ever make more of these things I may have to work with another company. And after a preliminary search, I’m already seeing some institutions that’ll do the work for more than half the price, and I’m hoping a fraction of the time. I’ll definitely have to report back if I end up ordering more!

Twenty Three has a Two and a Three

And that’ll be it for today my friends! With recording the podcast and with all the work being done to recover the lost content on the website, yet another slow day in the backlog tackling ensued. But I was actually able to get a few minutes into Fairy Fencer F! And by that I mean, I think I got in two or three battles in from one of the dungeons and fell asleep!

I think I might have to dedicate today to sitting down, relaxing and getting some serious gaming in! And I’ll be sure to report back tomorrow.

Until then my fellow backloggers, have sweet dreams of it being the weekend!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Switch)

Total Backlogged Game: 741…the number of months it felt like to get my hat

Total Completed Games: 3…does the game of website reconstruction count?

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