A quest to conquer an ever growing backlog of games.

The Daily Backlog | Day 24

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Do You Hear the Sounds a Commin’

Good morning everyone and welcome back! Well, it’s actually the afternoon now. But that’s beside the point, it’s Friday! Which means it’s still a weekday and we all still need to work! But hey, tomorrow is Saturday and that means we’re only one day away from maxin’ and relaxin’!

So, last night I was able to finish up editing this month’s podcast and I’m hoping it should be in all of your feeds very very soon! The only thing left is to create the new thumbnail and episode post and then I think I’ll be good to go!

I also think I’m starting to get the hang of using Audacity for editing as well. At first it felt a little bare bones and only good for recording, at least when compared to other editing suites that I’ve used in the past such as Adobe Premier. But after using it for a while I’m starting to figure out it’s nuances and I actually quite like it.

If I were to give only two hot tips on how to efficiently use this sweet freeware audio editing  package I say precisely this – get used to using Shift+K and Ctrl+I! These two commands by themselves will save you a lot of pain and headaches! Oh, and time while editing!

24 is a factorial of 4

Welp, that’ll do it for today my friends! Yet another super short post due to the craziness of trying to get this podcast together. I promise I’ll have some juicier and meatier posts once things start to die down or liven up, depending on your level of positivity today!

I’m also hoping now that it’s the weekend I’ll be able to get a good amount of gaming in! I’ve been itching to dive back into Monster Hunter and Fairy Fencer F so stay tuned for updates on that front! And I know these are high hopes, but who knows, maybe I’ll have one of them completed by the time Monday rolls around!

And keep and eye out on your feeds because the podcast is rapidly approaching! Prepare your podcasting apps and be sure to wear protection! And make sure to subscribe by following this link so you don’t miss a beat!

Until tomorrow backloggers have a frolicing and fantastic Friday!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Switch)

Total Backlogged Game: 741…is this even a real number?

Total Completed Games: 3…this… is disappointingly low…

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