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The Daily Backlog | Day 25

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The Grind is Real

Good morrow my fellow backloggers! Today is the day that I start making some real progress toward finishing up some of these JRPGs that have been looming over my shoulder for the last couple of weeks. I am determined to dedicate the time that it’ll take to finally beat either Monster Hunter: World or Fairy Fencer F! It has been super busy this last week, but now that it’s the weekend it’s time to max and relax and get my JRPG on!!

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally put in some time with Monster Hunter today already! My high rank Rathalos gear has been acquired and my major farming is complete, so I think it’s about time to move this story along! I believe our next objective is to take down the infamous Nergigante and possibly the Deviljho and then I think we may be on the final stretch to the end of the game!

Now, I know that this game can go on a lot longer as well. Because once you finish the story I think it then unlocks an even higher rank of monsters known as the “G” rank. But it’s hard to say if my wife and I will be putting in the time to ever see that side of the grind fest. One thing that may get in our way from beating the game though is that Capcom just launched the Appreciation event where they brought back many of the special events they released throughout last year. That means if we have the dedication we may be able to get some of that super sweet and exclusive gear we would have otherwise missed out on! Like Ryu’s costume!!!

The only problem with that though is the best special events are locked behind a hunter rank of 50+. And we’re only at HR 13!! That would mean we’d probably have to put in approximately 5000 more hours into the game! It blows my mind that there are players out there who have HR 99 let alone 50! That being said, some of the special gear that we have access to now (if we’re willing to put in the time) will be hard to pass up. I mean, right at this very moment I am able to get a sparkly white tuxedo complete with a top hat! What respectable hunter would live his life without such a thing!

Anyways, first things first we need to beat this game. Then we can start thinking about if we want to go much further than that. Mmmm sparkly white tuxedo…

The Triple F

Fairy Fencer F on the other hand is slow going. I’m having a hard time wanting to pick it back up and play it. Not that I’m not having fun with it, but with little time to play it over the last week has made me hesitate to pick it back up. I’m worried that if I don’t soon, I may end up just dropping it for now. Which I really really don’t want to do.

Fairy Fencer F has been super fun and it’s a nice and relaxing game to play when I want to just sit back and laze around for an hour or so. But we’ll see, I may try to put and hour or so into it today and see how I feel after that. Even if I was to drop it for now, it wouldn’t be forever. I think I’d just delay it until later in the year when there’s more of a lull in my gaming schedule.

Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

So, remember that “mystery” game that I had on my now playing list a couple of weeks ago? Well, I was finally able to reveal it yesterday when I visited the Backlog Busters podcast as their guest! And that game was, Animal Crossing on the Gamecube!! If you want to hear my review of the game, then make sure to check out their latest episode when it drops!

Backlogger worlds collided and it was super fun talking to the ever hospitable Grrouchie Serge and TrashTurkey about all of our backlog bustin’ shenanigans. It was also kind of weird talking to other human beings during a podcast. You know, instead of just talking to myself for an hour and a half. But we were able to make a delicious backlog pie filled with enough juicy backlog bits that it should hold you over for days. As you’d expect from such a epic combination of backloggers. I’d love to do it again sometime and I’ll have to think of a way to get them on the Backlog Odyssey podcast sometime in the future!!

Again, it was a blast appearing on their show and I urge all of you backloggers to go check it out at The Backlog Busters!

Pachisi is Hindi for 25

Welp, that’ll about do it my friends for another edition of The Daily Backlog!! This weekend is all about backlog bustin’ and I’ll report back tomorrow with hopefully news of yet another backlogged game down for the count!

Until then, have a great rest of your Saturday!

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