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The Daily Backlog | Day 26

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Luck of the Deviljho

Happy Sunday my backloggin’ lovelies! We’re back with another edition of the Laze Around in your Undies and Play Video Games All Morn and Into the Evening daily update! I should try and think of a shorter title…

As promised yesterday I put in my community service hours and played a whole bunch of Monster Hunter: World. I think I have about 300 hours left on my sentence and then I’ll be scott free!! Unfortunately, on the other hand, I didn’t get around to playing any Fairy Fencer F, so that doesn’t bode well.

Anyways, just like I expected, instead of 100% focusing on trying to beat the story, my wife and I got a little distracted. You see, it’s the one year anniversary of Monster Hunter: World’s release and Capcom has opened up a ton of fun and cool events in celebration! All these events have been grouped under the Appreciation Festival umbrella and even includes some of the exclusive events that we missed earlier in the game’s release. It’s been super fun and great at straying us from our path.

But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get to play some of the mainline story missions though! Once we had our fill of those juicy new events we decided to first try and tackle the Deviljho, the hulking eater of worlds and other innocent monsters. And I gotta say this guy is crazy aggressive. Even after all that work we put into getting all of our fancy high rank gear, the Deviljho handed our butts to us. I mean, while in the middle of a fight with him he decided to attack a Tobi Kadachi that happened to walk by at the wrong time and scoop him up in his mouth. He then proceeded to flail that poor electrified lizard squirrel around and hammer him into us repeatedly until we died. Did I say he was crazy aggressive??

After some dedication and perseverance we did end up taking him down despite bathing in his hard hitting, fiery, purplish-red, dragonblight breath. I am tempted to try and farm him a bit since his armor looks pretty dang spank, but I need to resist the urge!

More Like Nerd-gigante

Next up was our main target, the infamous “Elder Dragon that eats Elder Dragons”, the spikey punk himself, the Nergigante! Now this guy has been showing his ugly mug since the Zora Magdaros days and it was finally time to take him on headfirst. And after we inevitably defeat him we can victoriously strut confidently into the end of the game?!

He didn’t end up giving us quite as much trouble as the Deviljho, but with how nimble and aggressive he was, the Nergigante still gave us a run for our money. For the most part, his attacks were pretty predictable, but occasionally he’d do his diving charge attack and ruin our day. But after cracking one of his horns off, and separating his tail from his body, which basically did nothing but make him even more angry, the fell beast was felled!!

It was time to celebrate and jump for joy, right? It was time to see the end of the game, right? WRONG! Now that the Nergigante was no longer around to stir up trouble in little Elder Dragon town, it was time for all of the remaining Elder Dragons to come out and play! So, after all that work, we now need to track down three, count em, THREE new Elder Dragons. And then maybe we’ll see the end of the game?? Maybe????


Well my friends that’ll do it for me today!! Lots of Monster Hunter updates today which is a good sign! I’m getting a little anxious to see the credits roll now, but the urge to grind out that gear is real. I promise though, I’ll control myself and see this game to the end.

Until tomorrow my friends, have a great and wonderful Sunday!!

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