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The Daily Backlog | Day 28

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Backlog Strategies

*Bad Italian Accent* It’s-a me Patrick and welcome back to The Daily Backlog! Today is all about really bad Italian accents in written form! And the first lesson is the phrase “It’s-a me”. So repeat after me “EEEats-ahh  meee!”. Very good, I can see you’ve been practicing.

Anyways, aside from that super sweet message from our sponsors “It’s-a Me Backlog Italian for You”, I’ve been hammering away at this ole backlog. Who would have known! And speaking of that, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to track the behemoth that it is. Initially when speaking about it I didn’t consider that I’m not the only person in this household that plays and buys games.

You see, that 741, isn’t exactly just my games. They include the games that my wife has bought or that we’ve bought for my son. And then after discussing this with my wife, we came to the conclusion that this is definitely going to have to be a joint effort. So, although I am the primary game buyer and the main contributor to that monstrous backlog, there is a good amount of games in this pile that my wife has bought or I have bought for her specifically. That and I will probably never be able to play them all myself.

We do play most games together when we can, but occasionally we’ll play them separately and I’m thinking as long as we get our fill with the games that we’ve bought, then my mind is at ease. And since some of those games will only be played by her it only makes sense to include them in the “Now Playing” and “Completed” lists. I mean, we’re basically the same person as a married couple right? I’ll go with that.

You may also start seeing some posts from her showing up on the blog as well, so definitely keep an eye out! She’s hoping to write about some of the games she’s been playing as well as other random nerdy tidbits (you know, kinda like these posts), and I’m excited to see her content on the site! She’s my partner in crime after all, and she does enable this game collecting addiction of mine, so it’s only fair to have her help out with clearing out this backlog!

The Day in the Life of a JRPG

Not quite as much to announce today in my progress with Fairy Fencer F and Monster Hunter: World. I ran into yet another of the the “Czars of Dorfa” in Triple F who proceeded to kick our butts. I’m thinking he’s going to be one of the final bosses in the game? It’s really hard to judge at this point who our “main main” enemy is honestly.

I mean, I know Dorfa is the “evil entity” that’s opposing out goals of saving the world, but they haven’t really pegged an arch-nemesis. They do have the President of Dorfa, but I’m not really sure he’s an actual threat, other than sending his Czars at us.

I will say this though, the whole dungeon crawling aspect of Fairy Fencer F is becoming a bit tedious. I really enjoy trying to farm the specific enemies or items to complete my side quests, but once that’s done, I usually just try and skip fighting any of the enemies where I can. Normally in a game like this, I’d try to fight them just to level up and get stronger, but since I’ve gotten all this overpowered gear from the DLC (included in the Advent Dark Force version of the game), it basically just makes me a tank and I don’t take any damage anyways. Unfortunately, because of that it’s becoming a bit of a slog.

Monster Hunter is about the same as well. Although I said I really wanted to focus on finding those Elder Dragons and defeating them. My wife and I may have gotten distracted again. This time it was with trying to find materials so I can upgrade my weapons so “I’m strong enough to fight the new monsters”. This is the excuse I use all the time. I’m starting the feel the tedium of this repeated grind fest and I’m really starting to get anxious to finally get to the end of the game.

I am happy to say that we did track down each of the Elder Dragons though! So maybe we’ll fight each of them the next time we play?? I’ll be sure to report back tomorrow with news on that. Or try to distract you from my distractions by talking about another random topic.

28 Daily Backlog Days Later…Backlog

And that’ll do it for this freezing cold Tuesday! Backlog strategies and more JRPG goodness with plenty more to come I’m sure! And don’t forget that you can listen to the latest podcast where I give my full reviews of Fairy Fencer F as well as Monster Hunter: World! You can found out how to subscribe by following the below link!

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Until next time my fellow backloggers, have a great day!

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