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The Daily Backlog | Day 29

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The JRPG Odyssey

Good day backloggers!! I’m going to try and keep today’s post super long so I can delay taking advantage of this cold weather and staying indoors to playing a whole buncha games. Wait, that logic makes no sense!!

And speaking of gaming, I’ve been trying out a couple of new games these last few days!! Thanks to the fine folks at Idea Factory, I was supplied with two new games to review for all you wonderful JRPG fans!! I know, I know, my backlog is growing because of this, but this time I have an excuse!! I swear I didn’t request them either, Idea Factory was kind enough to think of the Backlog Odyssey and sent me the codes out of the blue. And like any good samaritan, I will accept these review codes, play them and report back to all of you. It’s the right thing to do.

Now the first game I can’t talk about just yet as the embargo isn’t up until midweek next week, but I’m more than happy to say the second one I can!! And that game is an offshoot sequel to one of the games that IS actually on my backlog, Record of Agarest War Marriage! So, thank you so much Idea Factory, I truly appreciate it!

You Got Dating Sim in Your RPG

So, I’m not too familiar with the Record of Agarest War games, aside from owning the first one on my Xbox 360, but I do know that at one time these games were turn based tactical JRPGs with a light smattering of dating sim. Agarest War Marriage on the other hand has expanded the whole Dating Sim aspect of its predecessors, but tossed out the tactics gameplay mechanics. Instead they opted to substituted that with your standard run of the mill, party based RPG mechanics. Which, I was actually slightly disappointed about. I was kind of looking forward to trying out a good tactical RPG since it’s been a while.

To be honest, upon first booting the game up, it didn’t exactly impress. For one, the character portraits were kind of unattractive and wonky and the menu systems just felt like the game was ripped out of Japan and fan translated on Hongfire. You know, like those infamous Illusion games. No? Yeah, me neither. *clears throat*

What that really means is, everywhere across the UI there are disproportionate fonts with weird letter spacing spacing making it appear very amateurish. And for the love of JRPGs they force me to use the D-pad for everything! Even when it makes more sense to use the Analog stick. Well, except for maybe when you’re walking along a that line on the world map, Super Mario World style. That’s right, zero actual exploring. You follow this line even when you’re in the dungeons. And you’ll even encounter random enemies along the way!

In Agarest War Marriage you play as the Chosen Hero who was tasked to defeat the evil Arch Demon threatening the world. Unfortunately, it seems like you failed to truly defeat him, and it’ll be up to your heir to take care of business. So, you now have to court each of the lovely ladies that happened to join your party and eventually marry one of them. And we all know where that leads – kids. Or in this case, demon eradicating offspring. A little on the nose, but anime’s gotta have a plot thread in it somewhere to justify you having to date your party members amirite??

Anyways, building a relationship with these girls also has a gameplay benefit in the form of new abilities and buffs in battle. An interesting mechanic which gives a little more incentive to following through with courting your favorite lady. The battles on the other hand seem a little straightforward and the camera is weirdly close up to your characters making it a bit awkward.

I can’t see myself putting it on my “Now Playing” list at the moment, but despite its very apparent flaws it does have enough intrigue to make me want to pick it up and play it through to the end at some point. You know, to see how this whole demon killing baby thing plays out.

As of today, I’m not able to say what this game will cost as the price hasn’t been posted yet, but if you’re at all interested in trying Agarest War Marriage out, it’ll be available on Steam from Idea Factory tomorrow! If you do end up playing it, be sure to let me know what you thought of it!!

Steam Store Link: Agarest War Marriage

The Need for Gear

Other than diving waist deep in JRPGs this week, the wife and I of course got even deeper into Monster Hunter. Eww. But since today’s post has already gone on a little long I’ll wait to update all of you until tomorrow. The long and short of it though, is we actually fought our first end game Elder Dragon, the wind slinging a-hole Kushala Daora!

Oh and we may have discovered one of the special event quests may unlock a Mega Man costume for our Palicos!!! I can literally barely contain myself.

But, I’ll hold off until tomorrow to debrief you fine guys and gals on how amazing it is. I should hopefully have a little more to talk about with regards to that and the other Elder Dragons tomorrow!

1 Saturn Year is 29 Earth Years

Welp, that’ll do it for today folks!! Lots and lots of JRPGs, some Monster Hunter withholdings and lots more gaming in the near future!!

For those caught in this cold snap, keep warm and stay safe! And until tomorrow my friends have a great rest of your day!

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