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The Daily Backlog | Day 3

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The Wily Backlogger

Welcome back backloggers to this fantastic first Friday of January! TGIF am i right?? I actually decided to take this Friday off for a nice long weekend because a three day week after a two week vacation would have been way to much work.

Before I get to my regular daily ramblings of the backlog I just want to thank everyone to stopped by the stream last night for, you know, stopping by! It was honestly a blast and in my opinion pretty dang successful! For one, people actually showed up and I accomplished what I set out to accomplish, beat Mega Man 11 in one sitting!

I may have been a bit rusty since it was just under a month ago since I last played the game, but it didn’t take too long to get back in the groove. Really the biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to play a precise action platformer and pay attention to the chat at the same time. I know I definitely fell into more than a few pits because of it. But regardless of my crusty rusty skills, I did end up beating it in about two hours, so that’s something to be proud of!

I’m not sure when I’ll be doing the next stream, but I’m definitely going to set one up again soon, so stay tuned!

Goodwill Hunting

Since I wasn’t slaving away at work today the Fam and I decided to get our out and about business done a day early. You know, groceries and such. And that’s when my Wife suggested we stop by Goodwill for some thrifty deal finding. She’s a bad influence on me, she knows what kind of stuff you can find in there. Deals that’s what…especially of the video game persuasion! At first I was hesitant, but I’m weak and caved.

I did find some tempting articles in the form of video games in that laundry soap scented establishment. Primarily a crusty copy of Donkey Kong 64. It was so crusty and so so tempting. But I did keep a level head and moved on. I didn’t leave empty handed though, because I was able to find an ASCII Fight Stick for the SEGA Genesis and a Wii Classic controller! Each for under $3! Those and a cool little Scholastic paperback book covering the history of video games. Sometimes it surprises me what you find in these places. I mean, I could have traded it all in for this:

So, I did end up buying some stuff but not video games just video game adjacent items. Since they didn’t bolster my backlog in anyway I thought it would be ok. If anything, they’ll help me complete the games I still need to play. Specifically that ASCII Fight Stick. I can think of a few games on my Genesis that would be perfect for!

Third Time’s the Charm

Since I streamed Mega Man 11 most of the night last night, I didn’t make too much progress toward beating Iconoclasts or Monster Hunter. Though I did squeeze a few story missions in in Monster Hunter. I finally beat that dang Odogaron in the Rotten Vale!

That Odogaron armor is super cool and I’m looking forward to getting it’s full set. And I gotta say my Palico (Yuri) is looking more badass than ever! He looks like those Japanese Komainu lion-dog statue things!!

I have been thinking about what I want to try and tackle from the backlog next as well. And I’ll be sending out a poll for you all to vote on really soon. I’m thinking I’ll go retro or maybe indie this time around.

Until next time folks, happy backloggin’!

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Total Backlogged Game: 630. Is this number ever going to change?!

Total Completed Games: I’d say 1 but that’d be lying…it’s still 0.

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