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The Daily Backlog | Day 31

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Change in Schedge

Good afternoon everyone and happy Friday!! It’s almost the weekend again and that means gaming, staying up later than you should and sleeping in!

So now that we’re 30 days into The Daily Backlog, I think we’re due for a little bit of a change up. It’s nothing too extreme, but although I really, really enjoy writing for you each and every day, I’m thinking I need to set aside more time to tackle this behemoth of a backlog. And in the interest of playing many more games and of course spending time with the fam I’m thinking The Daily Backlog will now be the “Weekdaily” Backlog. So, posts will drop every day Monday through Friday while the weekends will be all about lazing around and playing the vidjia games!  

I’ll of course still keep you all up to date with my “in-progress” gaming pics and videos, but I’m really looking forward to setting aside the time on the weekends to purely focus on the backlog!

The Elderly Monster Caretaker

And speaking of focusing on the backlog, the wife and I got a gargantuan amount of Monster Hunter in these past few days. You see, here in the midwest, it has been crazy cold (TheRealzFeelz -55) so that meant no going outside and plenty of bundling up to play lots of games. And I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stay home from work due to campus being closed (I work for a college). And because of that, I’ve not only been able to play games in the evening, but also throughout the day! Yay!

Anyways, because of the extra time we were able to get into Monster Hunter, all of our gear farming has been complete and then some! So, we decided it was about time to try and track down those three Elder Dragons that the handler has been pestering us about.

The first one we tried to tackle was the Kushala Daora. The infamous and annoying wind dragon that apparently takes much joy in stunning you with his giant tornadoes and blasts of air. All in all he wasn’t too bad, but the battle was drawn out mostly because he flew around way too much. That and the fact that you couldn’t approach him while he was surrounding himself with his walls of wind. But after much perseverance and much death, we were finally able to take him down. Elder Dragon one in the bag!

Second up was the fiery winged lion, Teostra! Now, we’ve actually fought this aggressive big cat in the past when we were trying to grind for the fancy Devil May Cry gear in the Code: Red special event quest. But in that quest we also needed to fight three monsters before it (Anjanath, Odogaron and Rathalos). At the time, he handed our butts to us, mostly because we were unprepared, but also because we were already worn down from the previous battles. So, fighting him by himself should be a walk in the part right?? Boy were we wrong.

Not that he was impossibly difficult or anything, he’s just super aggressive. And the fact that you have to basically fight him in the middle of a volcano made the fight even more intense. I can’t speak to my wife’s character, but my lowly bowman does not handle “in-your-face” aggressive monsters very well. I like to keep my distance. And mister Teostra disagreed with that. After a couple of deaths from his screen-filling explosions and a near gameover experience we were able to take him down!!

I’ve really been enjoying fighting these elder dragons though, they’ve really made us think about the best way approach the battles and gear up strategically instead of jumping in head first. My only real problem is that their gear isn’t really that exciting. Well, at least for an archer.

Now that those two are pushing up daisies, it’s time for the final Elder Dragon Vaal Hazak. We don’t know too much about him so we’ll be going in blind, but I’m excited to see what he has to offer! I’ll be sure to report back on our progress in the next post!

Trente et Un

Welp, that’ll do for today and for this week!! I’m really looking forward to the new schedule and putting some quality gaming time in over the weekend!! Hopefully I should have some juicy tidbits to talk about come week 6 of The Daily Backlog!!!

Oh and speaking of juicy tidbits, check out this little slice!

Mmmm hmmm. So my wife may have surprised me with this shiny and new copy of Resident Evil 2! So thanks hunny!!! She truly holds the key to my heart that one. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her! I’ll definitely be scrambling to finish up Monster Hunter now that this bad boy is in my hands, but I promise I’ll still finish it. As much as my mouth is watering to crack it open and forget everything else. The urge is real my friends… the urge is real.



*Zombie Sounds*

Once I do get to playing it, expect Resident Evil 2 to pretty much overtake my gaming schedule for the next few weeks after that! I wholly intend to play this game to pieces, just like I did with the original and I’m super excited to talk about it! I may even do a speedrun stream one of these nights as well. You know, once I become pro!

Anyways, have a great rest of your Friday backloggers and a great weekend. I’ll see you bright and surly on Monday!

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (Switch)

Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation 4) – I’m putting it here cause it’s going to happen!

Total Backlogged Game: 743 …I’m ok with this. Because Resident Evil 2.

Total Completed Games: 3 …Monster Hunter!!!!

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