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The Daily Backlog | Day 6

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Scrooged McBacklog

Happy Monday my fellow beginning of the week zombies! I’m sure you’re all not dragging your feet “pretending” to do work on this, the greatest day of the week! One could cut the sarcasm with a knife.

Although, I don’t have too much to report today on the backlog progress due to a long overdue at home movie date night with the Wife filled with delicious hors d’oeuvre and a belated viewing of a Christmas tradition, Scrooged. I do have some fun and interesting things to talk about!

Before I get to that though, I gotta say, Bill Murray is an absolute national treasure. He plays such an a-hole and is so over the top, it’s hilarious. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get sick of watching this movie. That and I learned a new drink recipe while watching it as well, so feel free to share it with your friends and family. It’s like your standard vodka and cola, but with approximately three quarters of a cup of vodka and a few drops of tab cola. Zing!

Dewey Decimal of Backlogs

Work has continued with cataloging the games in my collection and now I have everything up through the PS1. I really wanted to focus on my retro games first (minus handheld consoles) since based on the trajectory of the Twitter poll  that seems to be where I’ll have to look first. It’s looking like we’ll be playing some old school games for the February podcast and I am in no way unhappy about that! Now that they’re all at the ready, I should be able to start entering them into the Backloggery database posthaste.  

While going through my games I did come across a few things I think I’d like to improve. For the most part I’d like to get replacement cases for all my disc-only games. Currently, I have them stored in CD booklets, which is fine, but I don’t really trust them to not get scratched in there when removing and replacing them. That, and it’ll be a whole lot easier to find a game if I’m able to display it on a shelf.

In other cases, I need to just straight up replace some of these games (eventually). When I was younger I bought many of the older games I have in my collection from the local video store when they were going out of business. So unsurprisingly they’re in pretty bad shape. Many have stickers, defects and other blemishes that just make them look ugly. And for the disc based games that could mean scratches that make them unplayable. It breaks my heart seeing them there, shunned by the world and exiled to those janky CD booklets from 1999. I just want to display them proudly and not have to worry if one day they’ll be unplayable!

It’s not just my games either, some of my older consoles need some TLC as well. Which isn’t surprising. Some of these consoles are 20+ years old, if not older, and a little routine maintenance is expected. It’s a good thing I enjoy tinkering with them though, because otherwise it would be super frustrating!  What’s funny is that I may be saving money with this whole “no buy new games” challenge this year, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I put an equal amount of money into these consoles. Just so they’re in good working condition and can be used to play all those games I still need to play!!

I’ll definitely be chronicling all these juicy and techy shenanigans as I encounter them too. So look forward to that!!

Sing a song of SIXpence

I may not have put too much time into dealing with the backlog yesterday, but all of this cataloging and tinkering is a good step toward making this whole thing a little more organized. I can’t say I didn’t put any time into it though, because I may have started a super secret game on my backlog yesterday that I’ll be talking about later this month. The only hint I can give you so far is that it isn’t a game I’d usually go out of my way to play. Oooooh, the suspense!

Tonight on the other hand is going to be dedicated to Monster Hunter: World and getting closer and closer to increasing the number of games completed in 2019 to 2!

Well, that’s it for me this evening my fastidious knights of the backlog! I’ll see you tomorrow for more gaming tomfoolery.

Currently Playing

Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)

Super Secret Game

Total Backlogged Game: ~629. I think I need a drink…

Total Completed Games: Low Rank Backlog Hunter Status: 1

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