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The Daily Backlog | Day 9

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Wii Would Like to Shut it Down

Good morning backlog builders (you know who you are)! Another day, another 1.5 to 15 hours to spend inside our favorite hobbies, am I right? Hmm, that sounded kinda dirty. Oh well, sometimes we all love our hobbies a little too much if you know what I mean.

Anyway, for the past week I’ve been experiencing the ups and downs of getting off my lazy buns and trying to inventory my entire collection. Not only will it help me track the games I’ve played, but it’s also really nice to have a definitive list of what I own. It’s been an experience for sure and I’ve discovered games I didn’t even know I had! Score!

It has been weirdly calming and satisfying rifling through my physical game collection, looking at the back of the box for the occasional game and recalling fond memories of when I played it. Then I’ll take pictures, manually type them into my game list (the only issue I have with The Backloggery) and roll around in the pile of games I made until my wife tells me to clean them up.

Going through my digital library on the other hand has been the single most frustrating thing I’ve had to deal with so far in 2019. The frustration really started when I decided to try and figure out what digital games I owned for the Wii and Wii U. First of all, Nintendo does not find it necessary to list your Wii purchases anywhere online. That meant I had to drag myself upstairs into the game room around 10:30PM, try and find all the hookups for my Wii, wrangle that horribly long Wii sensor bar wire and rummage through my junk drawer for a stray pair of AA batteries for the Wii remote. On top of it all, I proceeded to have to use motion controls…*insert the Price is Right fail music here*

On a lighter note, the Wii Shop Channel music is still the bee’s knees.

As you all may know, Nintendo has been teasing that the Wii Shop Channel will be shut down at the end of the month and has restricted the purchase of Wii points since some time last year. That’s not the only thing they’ve been shutting down though. Apparently they’ve been removing a handful of games from the shop as well. Specifically, LostWinds. Which is a fantastic little indie game from the beginnings of the Wii, and that I no longer have access to. I can see it in my purchase history, but I’m unable to download it on either the Wii or the Wii U. It’s very disappointing and I’m a little sad that I may not be able to ever play it again. Other than that, I was able to sift through Nintendo’s unorganized purchase history list and inventory the 10 – 15 games I bothered to purchase digitally on the Wii and Wii U. Happy days!

More Like Unorganization Station

Well, with the Wii and Wii U digital games out of the way I decided to go for the next logical step, my PlayStation family of digital games. It’s not really logical, it was just the first thing I thought of. And I gotta say, if I thought the Wii and Wii U purchase history was unorganized, the PlayStation Download List is like a torn up piece of paper that they attempted to reassemble with staplers. Messy and nearly useless.

For one, Sony decided it was a great idea to not only list the games you bought, but also all the demos you downloaded (with no distinction that they’re demos), your DLC, themes, apps and anything else they could think of to fill out the 500+ pages you’ll be staring down. And to make thing even easier to decode, they gave this list no discernable sorted order. Bought that game 3 years ago? How about we put it at the top of the list?! Want to know if that game is available on the PS4 or exclusive to the Vita?? Well too bad because we’re going to list every single version because it’s cross buy and just say download it to your PS3. I would give my left pinky toe to be able to sort or filter this list. Only the left one though…I’m not THAT desperate.

What I thought was going to be a quick and easy task has turned into a multi-hour affair. I’m just hoping Microsoft has their act together when I get ready to go through that list. But, at least after all of these shenanigans I’ll have a nice tidy list of all the games I own. Hopefully… *fingers crossed*

The Art of Wasting Time

After some intense Monster Hunter: World questing, I think I’m starting to get the hang of how to not waste so much time. Typically after completing a hunt I would promptly run my clunky butt up to the Workshop and spend an hour or so going through all my gear to see what I was able to craft or upgrade. Last night on the other hand, I decided to try and ignore that hullabaloo and just rapid fire complete missions one after another. Since doing this, I think I’ve made more progress in the game, in upgrading my character and made more money then I have all week!

This means, if I continue on this route, I may see the end of this game before the Fall of 2035!

Nine is like a Six but Upside-down

Well, that’s it for me today my friends! I still have a bunch of digital games to go through and even some physical ones before cataloging the backlog is complete. I may focus my time on physical for a bit, just to cool down on these digital game blues.

The poll to vote on what type of console era we’ll be focusing on next month is up today as well!! So go out and vote! Once, the results are in, I should have a shiny list of games to choose from sometime tomorrow, so look out for that!!

Until next time backloggers, have a great rest of your day!!

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