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Twosome After Dark | Sword of Succubus

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Level 3

Do you remember those Saturday morning cartoons where a starving character would look at another character and they would appear to be a steak or a banana? Well Sword of Succubus is kind of like that, but instead of a starving cartoon character, it’s a Legend of Zelda game and instead of seeing food they see a scantily clad, sex crazed, demon lady.  Makes perfect sense right? Exactly!

Anyway, if you haven’t already guessed it, this Backlog After Dark review is featuring the delightfully retro styled adventure of one half of the Sword and Tower of Succubus bundle by Libra Heart. We thrust our way through this naughty undertaking to subdue the evil Overlord, but did Sword of Succubus leave us feeling full and fulfilled or scouring the cupboards for a more satisfying experience?

So, Sword of Succubus lands at a clean level 3 on the first After Dark gauge. There is full nudity, genitalia, and penetration shown quite frequently throughout the game. The nudity and sex are deeply ingrained within both the story and the gameplay so there’s no escaping it! Not that we would want to, but you know what we mean!

The second gauge is set at 60% which means that while the game is very heavy on the adult content there isn’t too much outside of vanilla sex acts and basic nudity. That being said there is a singular instance (that we encountered) where the word “rape” is used which could certainly be a trigger for some. But there was no graphic sexual violence associated with this particular case. Also, enemies can catch you and there will be a “help” button prompt for you to escape, but at no point does our succubus seem under duress.

There is a heavy focus on themes surrounding breast milk which has definitely been fetishized within the gameplay and story. So, that increased the second gauge by a few notches for sure, but all in all the adult content is fairly straightforward.

This was one of Patrick’s choices and I know it was a game he’s had his eye on for quite some time now. Personally, I didn’t know much about it other than it was an adult, retro-style game. Once we booted it up though I knew this was a game I was glad we finally took the plunge with. The graphics were so fun and well done. It really reminded me of a game you would have seen on the NES back in its hay day… other than all the lewd content that is!

A lot of us have an idealization of our perfect game. You know, Zelda-like gameplay, has gorgeous Game Boy style graphics, and catchy chiptunes. Well, Sword of Succubus had all of that PLUS the added touch of naughty business that instantly drew our attention when we came across the Tower and Sword of Succubus combo pack!

In fact, Sword of Succubus seemed like the perfect game to reinforce our primary goal for our After Dark feature – to find adult games that are ACTUALLY fun, well designed and of course, given that extra dose of sexy. So, needless to say, we took the plunge and were super excited to see how it played out!

A large part of what makes up Sword of Succubus is its Zelda-like gameplay, where you’ll be exploring the game’s world screen by screen, fighting enemies, discovering secrets, and boosting your health by collecting heart containers. Nonetheless, what makes this game special is how the gameplay has been heavily skewed with a very naughty twist.

In Sword of Succubus you play as a succubus where your lot in life is to seek out men and “extract” their “seed” in order to produce milk. Which just so happens to be highly coveted for its healing properties and its monetary value. So, when fighting enemies, well humanoid enemies at least, you have the option to either fight and kill them, or you can have sex with them. Which will also kill them, but at least then you’ll get your milk, as well as, mana and health. Each time this happens a large portion of the screen will be filled with a beautifully animated and pixelated rendition of the sex scene. So, you’ll be seeing this a lot.

That isn’t it either. The world in Sword of Succubus seems to been obsessed with your milk, and sex in general (you included), so you’ll encounter more than a few opportunities to witness this obsession. Whether it’s you fondling yourself to renew your health/milk, selling your body for money, saving captors from a gang of orcs, or allowing others to utilize your rejuvenating powers by suckling on your voluptuous breasts. Oh, and of course your “armor” will be destroyed if you take enough damage. Truly though, if you took adult content out of Sword of Succubus, it would still be super fun to play and the fact that the eroticisms is an additive experience instead of the game relying on it, means that Libra Heart really does have something special here.

This game is overflowing with adult content but interestingly enough it’s all fairly well integrated into the game itself. The main character is a succubus so she uses her powers to “drain” the lifeforce out of anyone she wishes, which usually happen to be various bandits and humanoid monsters. There will be an animation that takes place on the HUD as well as her little sprite on the main game screen whenever she needs to quickly take down anyone in her way. Not all the enemies can be defeated this way of course. I mean a lady’s gotta have standards right? Plus I guess the female enemies and various slimes just aren’t affected by her womanly wiles, nor do they have the right kind of sustenance. If you know what I mean.

A big part of the story and gameplay also surrounds Ms. Succubus’ apparent milk supply. Any enemy defeated via non Hero Sword methods will grant you “milk” that turns into… milk? Also, there are plenty of characters that want her milk for various purposes like power, healing, or just plain profit so it’s in your best interests to keep the supply good and high most of the time.

True to any lewd game, your succubus has clothes that will eventually dissolve if she takes too much damage. You can get them back from a shop owner or by returning home. I thought it was fun that all the dialogue for the NPCs would completely change if you decided not to replace your clothes right away and instead wandered about town au naturel. Nobody truly seems to mind and sometimes you’ll even unlock secrets this way.

I really don’t have much negative to say about The Sword of Succubus as a whole. It was a simplified Legend of Zelda game that honestly, even without the sex and nudity, would be a pretty darn fun game to play. The controls aren’t the smoothest, but I think that’s really a matter of the devs not shying away from those old school roots. Obviously, an expanded version of this game with more temples, more secrets, and more cutscenes would be where it’s at, but that’s not really a complaint so much as high praise for a job well done that left me wanting more in the best of ways.

The cute and colorful artwork is what hooked me in and the charming, albeit racy, gameplay is what kept me around. And that soundtrack? Come on! I’m not usually one to put much mind to the music in a game unless it really stands out, so let me say that this music impressed the hell out of me. Put those tunes in any of those NES classics and it would be one of those soundtracks that people still talk about today as one of their favorites.

From a gameplay perspective, I don’t think I’d really change too much about Sword of Succubus. Although I would have liked the game to be longer, it was a charming little adventure game that reminded me of games like Link’s Awakening and Final Fantasy Adventure! We even had a few “AH HA” moments when we discovered how to actually use some of the items, or how to solve some of the puzzles, and I always appreciate that in games. It gives you a sense of accomplishment that makes the game addictive and makes you want to come back for more! So if we were to see more games in the franchise, I would love to see Libra Heart expand upon this!

When it came to the adult content however, even though there were many opportunities to see a variety of scenes, the actual encounters with the enemies became a bit mundane. I say that only because I would have loved to see an even larger variety of scenes for each type of enemy. Maybe even a few different positions as well, so when you’re “grinding” for that milk, you’ll have something more interesting to look at! Really, this only becomes apparent because you have to do it so often, especially if you want to unlock all of the upgrades in the game. Which is possibly something that could be more refined as well. On top of that, there were “throw away” enemies that you can only kill with your sword, like slimes and skeletons, that could have been great opportunities to give you more unique and interesting scenes.

Honestly, Sword of Succubus was exactly the type of game we were looking for when we started the After Dark feature, and if you’re looking for a fun retro-style game with some adult content to spice it up, then I highly recommend you check it out! It’s clever, it’s silly, it’s sexy, and best of all, it’s super fun!

Full recommendation from this side of the table. If you’re looking for a game that sends tingles to your north pole, as well as the south pole then this is the game for you. It’s just downright fun and entertaining. Don’t sleep on this one!

I think it’s safe to say that, with Sword of Succubus at least, Libra Heart really managed to strike a rare balance of naughty filled content and incredibly fun gameplay. The fact that both of us walked away thinking about the game and discussing how much fun we had playing it really speaks volumes. Our whole mission for the Backlog After Dark feature was to showcase adult games that not only turned the sexy up to eleven but also the fun factor as well!  And the Sword of Succubus is really just the perfect example of what we had in mind!

If you’d like to check this ribald retro inspired game for a spin yourself you can find it right now on Steam!

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