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Twosome After Dark | Tower of Succubus

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Level 3

When it comes to gaming, there are many genres that are considered staples, and have been iterated upon time and time again. Think platformers, action adventures, and the time tested RPG. What’s great is that even the smallest of tweaks, added to these foundational gaming classifications, can still make for an exciting and refreshing experience. 

Well, we’re once again taking a look at Tower and Sword of Succubus, with the second half of this lewd and retro inspired compilation – Tower of Succubus. Where the naughty minded folks at Libra Heart team up with Critical Bliss to bring us their own take on the classic dungeon crawler genre, but with a salacious twist!

Sword of Succubus already set the bar with a fairly high ranking when it came to the level and type of adult content, which Tower of Succubus actually matches, though in different ways. Like Sword of Succubus, we landed on a 3 for the level of erotic scenes, since it was a large focus of both the gameplay and the overarching storyline. I mean you’re a semen craving succubus, so that’s no surprise. 

When it came to the the type of adult content however, there was a bigger focus on non-consensual sex (at least in the story scenes), and having sexual relations with non-human and non-humanoid characters such as orcs, goblins, slimes, and tentacle monsters. That and a much smaller focus, or no focus at all, on the whole breast milk kink that was so prevalent in the Sword of Succubus. That said, although non-consensual sex was a bigger theme in Tower of Succubus, at no point did it promote sexual violence, nor did any of the characters seem to be in duress, which resulted in it scoring a 60% for the type of content, just like its sibling.

Tower of Succubus was a no brainer choice given it came bundled with Sword of Succubus, which we reviewed earlier this year. However, we originally bought the bundle because both games looked like super fun, retro-styled throwbacks with an assertively naughty twist. Perfect games for Backlog After Dark reviews!

While Sword of Succubus felt very much like a GBC game, Tower of Succubus took more of an NES route. I really appreciated the change up of both art and graphical style. The fact that Libra Heart put in the effort to make two completely different games, in both graphics and gameplay, is honestly impressive and very commendable given adult games are really just starting to find a stable foothold in the gaming community.

What initially drew me to the Tower and Sword of Succubus compilation was that both games seemed to take a gameplay first, sexy content second approach, and I really appreciated that! Like we mentioned before, our goal with our After Dark reviews was to find erotic games that are actually fun to play, and these games more than fit the bill. What made me excited for Tower of Succubus in particular however, was that it gave off a vibe that very much reminded me of the classic dungeon crawler, Gauntlet, where you’re trying to get further and further in some treacherous dungeon where you’re tasked with defeating hordes of monsters, and solving simple puzzles.

The fact that it also featured gorgeous sprite work, character designs, and a healthy helping of naughtiness, was only the icing on the cake. I was curious though, if it would match the quality of Sword of Succubus, which set the bar pretty high with its Zelda-esque gameplay.

What I appreciate the most about Tower of Succubus is that the adult content is deeply rooted into the entire experience, but not just from an aesthetical standpoint, but also from a gameplay standpoint. I loved that it was actually a mechanic!

As you play the game you can attack enemies by using your magic, which consumes your mana. However, in order to replenish your mana you’ll have to lure enemies in and absorb their “life essence” by using your “charm” magic. Similarly to how it worked in Sword of Succubus, except you’ll find yourself doing it much more often in Tower of Succubus, both because you want to see what new scenes you can find, and because it replenishes your HP as well. That and each time you perform the act you’ll gain “charm points”, which can later be spent to power up, giving you an instant health refill, and infinite magic for the remainder of the stage. Luckily you can grind these points out (no pun intended), just before the boss fights to give you an extra edge.

Aside from using enemies to your advantage (in more ways than one), you can also find hints and story sequences, that’ll give you the ins and outs of the history of Tower of Succubus, which also come accompanied by a impressively detailed erotic scene. Which can also be viewed within your gallery later. Both handy for going back and admiring the gorgeous artwork and recounting that one hint you completely forgot about!

The adult content is very centric in Tower of Succubus. You play as a succubus who has had her powers diminished by an evil wizard. She sets out on a quest to reach the top of a tower where the succubus queen can restore her powers in full.

Just like in Sword of Succubus, you have a melee attack and a magic attack, and you can use a charm spell to “drain the lifeforce” out of enemies to regain health and mana. Unlike in SOS though, you can charm most of the enemies, and each has their own little H-scene.

Tower of Succubus in general has a LOT more H-scenes, not just from enemies, but also from the many journal entries scattered about the levels to collect. Most were singular entries of women who tried and failed to reach the succubus queen, others were an intriguing multipart story. Each contained one or two sex scenes, usually involving the women being captured by monsters.

The simplicity of the base gameplay and the increasing difficulty of each boss was a bit of a juxtaposition to be sure, but really it hammered home just how reminiscent Tower of Succubus was to a classic NES game. I really liked the attention to detail woven throughout this game even if it was in the simplest of ways.

We got to the top of the succubus tower fairly quickly. In just two short sittings we reached the succubus queen and finished with a 98% completion without even really trying. Some of the floors did feel a little repetitive which is understandable given there were 77 floors, all with very simple gameplay and only a few puzzles scattered about. I can’t say there’s much I’d change over all and to say more variety could be useful is just nitpicking.

Truly there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to Tower of Succubus, but if I was to pick one thing that could be improved, it would be the variety of stages you play through, and the types of puzzles you can solve. As you climb further and further up the tower, since the gameplay is relatively simple, it can feel a bit repetitive. Although I did enjoy it, and the puzzles could be clever at times, I did find that playing it for an extended period of time, it did become a bit monotonous. Even giving us more weapons, or items to play around with would be a great help, and could add a much more dynamic experience while playing it. Luckily however, you can finish Tower of Succubus within a couple of sittings, so it doesn’t really overstay its welcome, even if you have to put it down for a bit before you move on. That and its fantastic soundtrack keeps it lively as you’re trudging through it, floor by floor.

What I really enjoyed about Tower of Succubus, and would love to see more of, and would in turn could help with my minor gripe as well, was the boss fights! They were clever, challenging, and required some out of the box strategizing to defeat. There’s just something about having a cast of big badies to go up against that always excites me, and being able to face off against an even larger line up of intriguing and sexy succubi would only make Tower of Succubus better!

Even if Tower of Succubus wasn’t laden with exciting erotic scenes, it wouldn’t be hard to recommend you check it out! Libra Heart does a fantastic job of harkening back to the good ole NES days by giving us a challenging, if not simplistic ode to classic dungeon crawlers, and we can’t see anything wrong with that! What it lacks in gameplay variety however, it more than makes up for in fun, and the fact that it comes bundled with it’s Zelda inspired siblings, means you get two naughty succubi themed gems for the price of one!

If you’re interested in checking out Tower of Succubus, you can find it bundled with Sword of Succubus on Steam, in Tower and Sword of Succubus!

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